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Gym in RichmondCoach Darcy
Darcy brings more than 10 years’ nursing experience in physical rehab to his coaching, offering a unique level of care and insight to his clients. He is passionate about functional fitness and training that works to improve strength and mobility so people can feel great in their everyday lives and enjoy the things they love. His love for small group training that brings people together in a supportive and inclusive environment, saw Darcy join forces with Keely, to start UP! Athletic Club – an all inclusive, small, community-focused gym for people from all walks of life and levels of fitness. Darcy is also a passionate competitive weightlifter and enjoys teaching the sport to others with his safe and accessible approach.



Gym CoachCoach Keely
Keely has been involved in CrossFit for nearly 10 years and has dabbled in swimming, powerlifting, and competitive Irish dance. Although she originally started coaching for a free gym membership, Keely quickly became invested in getting regular gym-goers feeling strong and fit, because she knows how good it feels to be capable in your day-to-day life. She believes that exercise should be fun and accessible to everyone and is passionate about making the gym a safe and inclusive space. As a self-identified lifelong learner, Keely is always looking to increase her knowledge in the fitness and coaching space. Keely has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science and is currently working on her PhD on the relationship between physical activity and cognitive function.

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